Muzika, kurią aš klausau

Iš pradžių turbūt reiktų perspėti, jog aš nelabai linkęs klausyti šiuolaikinio popso. Taigi mano klausomų dainų sąrašas:

HIM - /Join #Me

ZZ Top - Jesus Just Left #Chicago

Marilyn Manson - The Mac Show.

C.C. Catch - I Can Lose My iPhone Tonight

The Offspring – Come Out And Play With Wii

Moby - Why Does My PC Feel So Bad

Metallica - Invisible Bug

Marilyn Manson - Count to Six and Crash Your Windows.

HIM – Death Sceen Is In Love With Us

Metallica - Dirty Windows

Moby Grape - Sitting By The Windows XP

The Offspring - Cool to Hack

Cheryl Crow - Hack Up The Sun

Puddle Of ud - She Hacks Me

HIM - Don't Fear The Hacker

Metallica - Hack Me Again

Placebo - Protect Me From Spam

Guano Apes - Lords Of The Bulletin Boards

Guano Apes - Proud Like a Lamer

Queen - Lamers Will Be Lamens

Scooter - The Age Of Code

Nirvana - Where Did You Code Last Night

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Code With A Night.

Scooter - Code that!

Nirvana - The Man Who Code The World

AC-DC - Who Code Who

Foo Fighters - Coding as You

Scooter - I'm Coding

Foo Fighters - All My Code

ZZ Top - CSharp CodeMan

ZZ Top - Low Coder

Scooter - How Much Is The Code

Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Code

U2 - Where The Code Has No Comments

Scooter - Back In The Coding

Scooter - Don't Stop Coding

Cheryl Crow - Code Baby Code

Scooter - Endless Coding

Scooter - Coding In The Moonlight

Scooter - Call Me Coder

Scooter - Expecting More From User

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